Climate change: preparing for Paris 2015

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World leaders meet in Lima, Peru, on 1-12 December to discuss the post-Kyoto II agreement for reducing global emissions after 2020, which is due to be signed in Paris next year. Their aim is to convince as many countries as possible to take part in the agreement. As the fight against climate change is a vital issue for the European Parliament, it will attend the climate conferences with its own delegation. Read on to learn what the European Parliament is doing to help stop global warming. » read more

EU countries still slow to act

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- on economic reform recommendations, says European Parliament study

On Friday the European Council will adopt the 2014 country-specific recommendations for each EU member state. » read more

Ukraine: towards closer ties with Europe

A man holds a Ukrainian flag as he stands on Kiev's Independence Square.webloc © BELGAIMAGE/AFP/B.KILIC

Bordering both Russia and the European Union, Ukraine has wavered for a long time between closer ties with the east or the west. Last year the country was about to sign an association agreement with the EU. » read more

Interview: bringing data protection rules up to date


Twenty years counts as an eternity in technology. Current data protection rules date back nearly two decades so an update is urgently required. Not only has technology significantly evolved, but also the way we process and use data has changed. On 11 March Parliament discusses a legislative package that will bring about more control and security online, modernising standards and introducing new rules for companies and national authorities. MEPs will then vote on the plans on 12 March. » read more

Challenges facing the EU in its relations with great powers

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It’s not just in Europe that the EU faces many challenges. On a global scale it will have to find ways to successfully work together with its international partners such as the US, Russia and China. The results will affect anything from the economy to fighting terrorism. Read on to find out what the Parliament’s experts on foreign relations believe the challenges and opportunities to be in 2014. » read more